Plushy Knight UberShader download

Software: Havok Vision Engine
Info: The Plushy Knight UberShader, which consists of over 20 custom parameters, is a procedural material creation tool which enabled the engine artists of the team to create and tweak materials in real-time. By combining 2 or 20 of the custom parameters together, an artist could create anything from glass and plastic to waterfalls and animated lights. 

This single shader library, as it was utilized by over 95 percent of the assets in the game, allowed us to instantly adjust the color composition of both characters and environments, saving us hours of time. In addition, because the effects were parameterized, each custom attribute can be controlled in runtime through code, creating endless possibilities!

The UberShader allowed us to utilize various textures in a modular fashion. By performing tiling, rotation and color adjustments on a single texture, we were able to create a larger amount of texture variation for our assets with a smaller amount of texture calls. The shader library was created with the Visual Shader Editor in Havok Vision Engine. Below, you can find demo of the shader in runtime.

  • Semi-Translucency
  • Alpha Clipping
  • Texture Animation
  • Color correction
  • Support for 2 color maps with option to blend with black and white texture.
  • Adjust Intensity of Color, Specular and Normal Maps
  • Rotate, Tile and Scroll any texture
  • Fresnel
  • Glow and flicker