Plushy Dynamics Tool download

Software: Maya, MEL
Info: Created custom UI, global procedures and scripts in MEL for auto-rigging dynamics and motion-path animation. 

The function of this tool was to be able to quickly assign a creative animation to various objects in the Capstone game, Plushy Knight so that they would appear to be reassembling from a chaotic state to an orderly state. When we designed the Memory Forest, we wanted objects to feel like they were part of both the environment and the protagonist's memory. This meant giving each animation a specific personality. 

The tool allows the user to create then customize the randomness, speed and direction of the dynamics through the assignment of key frames. Once the keys are set on the objects, and the user is satisfied with the animation, with a click of a button, the tool will automatically generate a joint skeleton and rig the objects' translation, rotation and scale keys to those joints. Below, you can find a video highlighting it's functions and the resulting animations created with the tool.


  • auto-rig - with a single click, take any non-joint animation and turn it into a joint-based animation
  • simulate physics
  • randomize translation, rotation and scale
  • animate along a path
  • ease in and ease out translation, rotation and scale
  • speed-up, slow down, and reverse simulation