The Successor
Software: Maya, Zbrush 4R4, and Photoshop
Info: WIP

Facehugger more
Software: Maya 2013 Extended, Zbrush and Photoshop
Info: Modeled, sculpted and textured. Maya 2013 DX11 UberShader + Tesselation 
946 tris, 256 x 256 maps

Chiron the Memory Monger
Software: Maya, Zbrush 4R3, and Photoshop
Info: Co-concepted, Modeled, Textured, Sculpted, and Rigged completed character for UDK and Havok Vision Engine. Rendered in real-time with the Plushy Knight UberShader in Havok Vision Engine
2048 x 2048 Diffuse, Normal and Specular Maps. 512 x 512 Fur and Ambient Emissive Maps.

UCF STEM Project - Teacher Preparation Simulation
Software: Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop
Info: Modeled clothing, accessories and hair. Textured characters with both hand-painted and photo-projection techniques.

Plushy Knight Environments
Software: Havok Vision Engine (Real-Time)
Info: Level Building/ Environment Polish, Lighting and Materials.

Killara Anatomy Studies
Software: Maya, Zbrush 4R3
Info: Modeled and rigged in Maya, then sculpted in Zbrush.